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Psychiatric Consultation

Sara Chun, PsychiatristSara Chun, M.D., is an independent, Licensed Psychiatrist who works closely with the staff at BPS.  She received her medical degree from the George Washington University School of Medicine in Washington, D.C. and attended psychiatry residency at Mount Sinai Beth Israel in Manhattan. She offers medication management, but she has also trained under behavioral and psychodynamic therapists and, as a result, has an in-depth understanding of the many tools available to help patients. Dr. Chun aims to help patients achieve diagnostic clarity, improve functionality, and determine if medication may be a good addition to their treatment plan. She hopes to work collaboratively with patients and other members of their treatment teams (therapists, group therapists, and families) and help people find their personal balance between therapy, skills, and medicine. While Dr. Chun runs her own independent practice, she works closely with the staff at Behavioral Psych Studio to provide high-level, comprehensive care to patients at BPS. Dr. Chun participates in the clinical team meetings at BPS, including their DBT Team Consultation meeting, to better collaborate in comprehensive treatment for her patients.

Therapists at BPS may suggest that you schedule a consultation with Dr. Chun to:

See if medication may play a role in your current treatment.

Seek a new perspective on a long-standing issue that has been difficult to treat.

Investigate what options are available if you are new to psychopharmacologic treatment.

Get a routine evaluation by a psychiatrist to review any possible medical problems that could be contributing to your psychological distress.

Reassess the efficacy of your current medication regiment.

By the end of your first or second session, Dr. Chun will tell you how she conceptualizes your case. She will hear your preferences and concerns and will provide her treatment recommendations while taking into consideration your preferences. You and Dr. Chun may decide that medication could make it easier to better utilize the therapy skills that you are learning, or you may decide that your best treatment plan will not include any medication.

Dr. Chun views mental health treatment as a partnership. You define the problem areas to be worked on; your psychiatrist uses special knowledge to help you make the changes you want to make. Psychiatric medication may provide relief from distress, but often the process to recovery is an active one. You can expect to be a part of the planning process. You may be asked to keep track of sleep or other symptoms, or be assigned other homework. You may be asked to complete labwork and diagnostic tests, or see other medical professionals, to safely move your treatment forward. You can expect to be a part of the planning process with your psychiatrist and treatment team. From time to time, you and your psychiatrist will look together at your progress and goals. If needed, you may then change the treatment plan, its goals, or its methods.

Before Dr. Chun became a psychiatrist, she studied studio art at Scripps College, a women’s college in California, and is currently working on making some time to doodle. She loves getting mint tea on Steinway, is very happy to work near Zabar’s babka, and often thinks of New York City geography in terms of its food offerings.

Independent Practices of Behavioral Psych Studio and Dr. Sara Chun:  BPS and Dr. Sara Chun are each independently licensed to practice, respectively, medicine and psychiatry, and psychology, psychodiagnostics and psychotherapy.   Each is exclusively responsible for its own professional practice.  Neither is responsible for the professional practice or actions of the other.  There is no formal professional affiliation between BPS and Dr. Sara Chun, that is, no partnership, no joint ownership, no joint enterprise, and no joint venture.  BPS and Dr. Sara Chun advertise together.