Bethesda Yohannes (she/her), ACSW/LMSW
Registrant number: 116117

Licensed in CA

Bethesda completed her Master’s degree in Social Work from Columbia University, where she was selected to be a part of the DBT Intensive Training Program, under the supervision of Dr. André Ivanoff. While at Columbia, Bethesda completed Behavioral Tech’s Intensive Training in DBT with Basma F. Kilani and Gwen Abney-Cunningham. In addition, Bethesda has gained certifications in Motivational Interviewing Skills-Based lab and Trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy.

In the course of her work, Bethesda has helped individuals who identify as Latinx, African American, LGBTQIA, elderly, deaf, people who are at-risk homeless, child sex offenders, foster children, girls in group homes, and adolescents who have experienced severe trauma. In addition, she has experience working with clients with varied disorders, such as psychotic, mood, and anxiety-related disorders, as well as elderly patients suffering from dementia.

She completed an internship at Zucker Hillside Hospital in Queens, New York where she provided comprehensive DBT to adults struggling with suicidal ideation and severe emotional dysregulation. While at Zucker Hillside Hospital, she led a variety of support groups, symptom management, CBT groups, and DBT life skills groups with patience and care. Bethesda prides herself on building rapport through intentional self-disclosure, while relying heavily on incorporating a sense of humor and enthusiasm into each experience. She strives to host energetic and empathetic encounters with clients, while providing culturally competent treatment.

When Bethesda is not practicing therapy, you can find her all around the world as she loves to travel. Her favorite part about traveling is enjoying all the different foods as her Ethiopian upbringing has accustomed her to a wide variety of spices and distinctive flavors. As Bethesda currently lives in Los Angeles, she has enjoyed horseback riding and eating lots of tacos!