DBT for Substance Abuse Disorders

Dialectic Behavioral Therapy for Substance Abuse

Our DBT-SUDS program is designed for individuals who are struggling with Borderline Personality Disorder, intense emotions, and substance abuse. Many people battling addiction have also struggled with intense anxiety, depression, and difficulty controlling their emotions and behaviors. DBT-SUDS has been demonstrated to be effective at helping those suffering with addiction and intense emotions gain more control over their behavior and lives. Our therapists at BPS will work closely with you to target the causes for your unwanted behavior, and to learn specific skills to better manage these urges. 

In our DBT-SUDS program you will learn specific skills to increase mindfulness and enhance your sense of connectedness to your community, more effectively manage distress that often leads to substance use, communicate your needs more effectively to others and increase cognitive control and flexibility. Participants in our DBT-SUDS program will meet with one of our trained clinicians on a weekly basis in addition to participating in our weekly DBT-SUDS group.  


Our DBT-SUDS program includes:  

  • Individual therapy (one or more times per week) 
  • Weekly DBT-SUDS Skills training class  
  • Brief between-session consultation with your therapist 
  • Weekly DBT Consultation team for the therapist 
  • Consultation with psychiatrists and other providers as needed