BPS for BLM: Talking to Kids about Racism in the News

Jul 16, 2020

BPS Staff

**This post is part of our series, Behavioral Psych Studio for Black Lives Matter (BPS for BLM), which aims to amplify Black voices on topics related to mental health and wellbeing. All links below will take you to Black-created content.**

By Brooke Schwartz, LMSW

Speaking with children about racist incidents in the news can seem like a daunting task to parents and caregivers. Over the last couple of months or years, you may have asked yourself questions such as: How much should I tell my child about racism? Does my child need to know what’s in the news? What if I say the wrong thing? How will they respond?

Talking to Kids about Racism in the NewsIn a video for the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education, clinical psychologist Dr. Howard Stevenson addresses common questions parents, caregivers, and educators may have when it comes to talking to their children about racism in the news. The takeaway? According to Dr. Stevenson, “children need tools for how to feel and speak about these issues.” The way to facilitate this? In short, talk with kids about race.