Jacquelyn N. Smith (she/her), LCSW-R

Licensed in NY, CA, NJ, PA, FL, CT; CA LCSW 112990

Jacquelyn N. Smith, LCSW-R, (she/her) is a DBT-Linehan Board of Certification, Certified Clinician™, and independently licensed clinical social worker. She first learned Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) in 2004 as a 2nd year social work intern on a long-term inpatient unit at Creedmoor Psychiatric Center, a unit specializing in providing DBT to women with Borderline Personality Disorder, severe emotion dysregulation, and behavioral dyscontol.

Upon graduating from Columbia University with her Masters of Science in Social Work in 2005, she proceeded to provide comprehensive DBT across various settings and levels of care, including private, community-based, hospital-based, and non-profit, within inpatient, outpatient, and day treatment programs. She has worked with historically oppressed and marginalized adolescents, adults, and families of LGBTQIA+, TGNC, BIPOC identification, often with complex psychosocial and psychiatric presentations. 

In addition to intensive and advanced training in standard DBT, she is trained in evidence-based adaptations of the treatment, including DBT-PE (Prolonged Exposure) to treat PTSD using Prolonged Exposure concurrently, DBT-SUD for substance use disorders, DBT-PTSD for complex PTSD with severe dissociative symptoms, and DBT-ED for binge eating disorder and bulimia nervosa.  Immersive in vivo training in the DBT-A adaptation for adolescents and their families came when she worked at Cognitive & Behavioral Consultants under the direct supervision of Alec Miller, PsyD, the co-developer of DBT-A.  Beyond DBT, she is trained in and utilizes Cognitive Processing Therapy for treating those who struggle with PTSD, and has implemented a variety of CBT-driven protocols such as Exposure Response Prevention for OCD.

While her career has been primarily dedicated as a DBT clinician providing direct care, she has extensive experience supervising and training across all mental/behavioral health disciplines and years of practice, including as primary faculty for the DBT Training Program at the Columbia School of Social Work, the only training program within a graduate school for social workers in the nation.  As a result of her broad scope of treating, teaching, and training, she has also consulted to a wide range of DBT practitioners on both the individual and agency levels, providing support to continue to make DBT as accessible to both clients who are in need of the treatment, and the clinicians who provide it. 

When not hard at work, Jackie can be found singing with her heavy metal band, hanging out with her furry family (Savannah, a bunny, & Bumblina, a cat, both with special needs), reading epic fantasy novels, watching any number of streaming shows, or grabbing dinner with a friend.