Avery Carmichael (she/her), LMSW

Licensed in NY

Avery Carmichael (LMSW) received her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Columbia University. While in her master’s program, Avery was the Editor-in-Chief of the Columbia Social Work Review, an annual peer-reviewed journal for students in the field to share research, experiences, and views. Since then, she continues to pursue her advocacy work via research writing in her free time, and has hosted / produced BPS’ podcast, “House on Fire,” since 2021. In her clinical work, informed by her emphasis on advocacy and creativity, Avery is dedicated to fostering authentic, mutual, and effective relationships with her clients. Co-creation, balance, and fidelity to evidence-based techniques are at the core of Avery’s personal mission.

Avery is extensively trained in DBT, with a primary focus on DBT therapy for children (DBT-C). She completed her DBT Foundational Training through Behavioral Tech, LLC; DBT-C training its founder, Dr. Francheska Perepletchikova; and DBT for Partners and Family Connections work with Dr. Alan Fruzzetti. Avery previously studied DBT-informed therapy through Wise Mind Counseling, and interned at Behavioral Psych Studio throughout her final year at Columbia. In addition to her DBT training, Avery has completed trainings in Motivational Interviewing, Prolonged Grief Disorder Therapy through the Center for Complicated Grief, and Trauma-Focused CBT through MUSC.

Avery received her Bachelor’s Degree from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, a city that is very near and dear to her heart.

Avery also completed an internship at Windsor Terrace Middle School, where she delivered treatment in both individual and group settings, including a psychoeducation group focused on mindfulness and anxiety.

An animal lover, foodie, and a born explorer, Avery spent three years working at Indagare Travel where she traveled to and wrote about, among other things, some of the most fantastic animal-based experiences on earth. Her favorite moment? Trekking with mountain gorillas in Rwanda. Now, she keeps things a little lower octane, living with her husband and Lagotto Romagnolo in Brooklyn. Keep an eye out for the two of them taking long, leisurely walks in Brooklyn Bridge Park!