About BPS

Jul 30, 2018

BPS Staff

welcome to behavioral psych studioWelcome to “Let’s Talk Psych at Behavioral Psych Studio”, a science and evidenced-based mental health blog created by Behavioral Psych Studio. Behavioral Psych Studio is a private, group psychology practice, dedicated to providing effective, science-driven treatment to people struggling with psychological or social issues in New York City. At Behavioral Psych Studio, we are passionate about providing effective, comprehensive and compassionate treatment and we believe that treatment should be driven by science. To ensure that our clients receive the best treatment at BPS, our practice is committed to using interventions and treatments that have been empirically supported by scientific research. Very often, mental health issues are fraught with stigma and people feel shame or judgment about seeking out treatment. Behavioral Psych Studio is launching “Let’s Talk Psych at Behavioral Psych Studio” to both help combat the social stigma people face, and also provide up-to-date, accurate information on the types of treatments that exist for various mental illnesses and issues, across the lifespan. Stay tuned for our first post!

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