Sarina Gupta (she/her), B.A., Intern

Licensed in NY

Sarina is a proud attendee of Northwestern University’s Accelerated Master’s program in Counseling. She graduated from McGill University with a Bachelors of Arts in Anthropology and Neuropsychology, and proceeded to attend post-baccalaureate school at Harvard where she studied the sciences. During her time in Boston, she also became heavily involved in research on wide-ranging topics, from hybrid gene delivery systems for Alzheimer’s and congenital deafness, to self-assembling vaccines for Ovarian Cancer, to global health initiatives to diagnose and prevent malaria and parasitic disease in Madagascar. In 2018, while living in Boston, Sarina suffered the loss of a close family member, which served as the impetus for her to become a yoga and meditation instructor and to enter the counseling field.

In her free time, Sarina loves to watch reruns of Grey’s Anatomy and she continues her yoga and meditation practices as both a student and instructor. She also has a passion for trying pizza in foreign places. Having grown up in both Westchester and Manhattan, which in her “biased opinion” has unparalleled pizza, she developed the goal of finding pizza that competes. Largely due to her passion for international medical volunteering, which has led her to travel to and/or temporarily live and work in diverse villages throughout the world, she has been able to try pizza in over 40 countries.

Despite her travels, Sarina calls NY her home. She is elated to live near the city again as she pursues her passions of psychology research and mental health counseling.

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