BPS for BLM: Exploring Our Own Racial Biases

Aug 6, 2020

BPS Staff

**This post is part of our series, Behavioral Psych Studio for Black Lives Matter (BPS for BLM), which aims to amplify Black voices on topics related to mental health and wellbeing. All links below will take you to Black-created content.**

By Brooke Schwartz, LMSW 

Not knowing where to start your antiracist journey — or where to go next — may lead you to feel stuck. If you find yourself in this position, look no further than Leesa Renee Hall’s expressive writing prompts. An anti-bias facilitator and expressive writing coach, Hall suggests spending 30 minutes responding to one of the questions she poses such as, “How did your parents or caregivers talk about skin colour? How did their beliefs and views shape you?” 

The goal of this exercise? To help the writer “uncover blocks [they] may have in hearing another person’s pain” so that they can “hear without getting dismissive or defensive.” Try it out, and stay tuned for more posts in this series! 

BPS for BLM: Exploring Our Own Racial Biases


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